October 2, 2012

WordPress to Facebook Integration

WPplusFBFacebook became super-popular for a good reason. They provide a tool for communicating that is now used by nearly a billion people ! Instead of letting Facebook use that tool to benefit themselves – lets use that tool to supercharge our own website !

When you get YourFBsite you are getting a website totally under your own control.
What you post here stays here looks and feels the way you want it to.
Change it as much or as little as you like. It doesnt have to look like Facebook, we just set it up that way so that you would feel at home ;-)

The advantages of managing FB in conjunction with your own website are so many that we cannot list them all. However, lets make some bullet points about some of our features.

  • A degree of freedom from Facebook’s dictatorial rules. They can still cancel your account but your site will have grown in the meantime using their publicity platform !
  • Build your own membership and subscriber lists
  • Communicate through FB at the same time as other channels
  • Use your website to promote or sell anything you like

Make use of a huge range of tools that can be incorporated into WordPress such as

  • Find and Schedule content easily
  • Slideshows, Galleries, Video Libraries, Music Players
  • Advertizing and List Building Tools
  • Membership sites and Restricted Content

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