April 29, 2014


Kumari draws on both her extraordinary depth of experience in India, and her lyrical ability with language, to seduce the reader into a mystical exploration, both of mystical India, and of the reader’s own longing for depth and discovery.

I lived in India at the same time as this memoir covers, Kumari and I were and remain good friends, and I lived closely with Babaji over 3 years. Kumari’s writing captures the feel of that time beautifully, and captures Babaji, his language and manner, his ease of being and deep simplicity, in a way that I found profoundly moving.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to all those who love India, and also equally, for those who may never have been, but who share that stirring in the soul that invites us to take risk, to explore consciousness, to leave behind the familiar and dare to really find out who we are, to confront the depth and mystery of what it is to be human, to be conscious, to be here.

Kumari’s journey, and her commitment to the unfolding of her soul, might deeply inspire you in finding and following your own path.

Martin Aylward http://MindfulnessTrainings.com  http://MartinAylward.com


I have just finished this great read, my friend Kumari’s memoir. It is set mostly in India, and it is her journey of discovery and her sexual, and spiritual paths. I loved it. Not just because I love Kumari as the courageous, caring, devoted warrior that she is, but because it is a voyage of discovery, she completed it during a complex time in her life, and I am full of admiration for her. It is descriptive, delicate, humorous, insightful, real, it is also a great inspiration to others to write their stories, and share them, so that we can all be connected in our simple humanity. Sri Ram

Zenith Virago


I have the time to read, to drop back into a new found book that I LOVE!!! A book of a woman’s journey through India, through her beginning days of searching and meditation, a woman who is a ‘pioneer’ in my eyes…traveling alone in India at a young age, a westerner, in 1990′s! If you need a good inspiring book to read, please pick it up wherever you can…it is called Tracing the Moon by Kumari Ellis! Truly well written and inspiring

Karnamrita Dasi www.dasimusic.com


I loved this book. It is a must read, a wonderful memoir and tribute to an era before the spiritual marketplace. The descriptive and enticing style in which Kumari writes draws the reader straight into a sensual journey of experiencing India is all of her beauty.

Kumari’s deep contemplative nature as she journeys within, in a land so magnificently foreign, is filled with exploration, discovery and courage. Kumari’s ability to share these gifts with delicate transparency and authenticity is a gift. I could hardly put the book down, I am waiting for the sequel! Nirupa Hoffman www.somayoga.com.au