March 11, 2014

About Papaji

Papaji_Kumari“Perfect awakening is possible here and now for every human being, regardless of background, practise of personal circumstances. You are already free! Anything gained afresh will be lost. What is eternal is always within you, as your own Self. This is the unchanging substratum on which your hopes and desires are reflected.
It is hopes and desires which conceal the ever-pure consciousness. The Self will reveal itself to itself in the twinkling of an eye once you abandon all hope and desire, the age-old disease of the mind. Keep quiet. Do not allow a single thought to stir. Be effortless and in an instant you will discover that you have always been free.
Om Tat Sat!”

Papahi_Kumari2Sri Hariwansh Lal Poonjaji, nowadays known as Papaji, or Master, by his countless devotees around the world, was born on October 13, 1910 in a part of the Punjab that is know in Pakistan. He had his first direct experience of the Self at the age of eight. He met his Guru, Bhagavan Sri RamanaMaharshi, in 1944. Shortly afterwards he had a lasting realisation of his own true nature, his ownSelf in the presence of Ramana.

At the time of the partition he managed to take his family out of the Punjab and settled them in Lucknow. Papaji was at this time a householder and he continued to workto support his family until he retired in 1966. After living on the banks of the Ganga and travelling the world he settled down in Lucknow, a bustling city in northern India. Hundreds of seekers visited him there, many making their home near by Satsang house, where Satsang – meeting in truth, took place until he died in September 1997. His presence continues to illuminate the lives of many.

To read more and watch clips of Satsang and experience more of Papaji please visit this website and enjoy something of Papaji – to whom I am deeply and eternally grateful. Hari Om.

The Teacher will not be recognized
By the diamonds on his head
Or by the number of students he has.
Know the teacher to be the One
Whose presence gives you Peace
And removes all cravings, attachments, and desires

You are already THAT,
Not the physical, emotional or mental.
Leave beside these forms and find out what is left, and what it needs.
~ Papaji ~

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